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How HR Can Prevent Inheriting Managers’ Approval Tasks

Part of being a manager often includes being pulled away from the desk for large swaths of the day. As a result, work piles up, especially critical tasks involving the people they manage: timecards, expense reports, time-off requests and so on.

Especially when managers work in a field where the desk isn’t necessarily “home base” – like sales, restaurants, manufacturers and health care facilities – you may find they have a hard time keeping up with the administrative side of their work.

Whose job is it, anyway?

Too often, HR departments find themselves in the uncomfortable position of reminding managers to make those approvals.

After all, HR is well aware of the challenges late timecard approvals pose to payroll processing. And they also know that tardy approvals for time-off requests, expense reimbursements and even personnel action forms can have a negative effect on employee satisfaction and engagement.

Managing on-the-go

Whether it’s sending multiple emails to remind managers to approve timecards, or choosing to approve that long-lost expense request “just this once,” don’t you think HR already has enough on its plate?

And when managers are able to complete those approvals conveniently from their smartphones on the way to a meeting, in the elevator or in line for break-room coffee, those tasks don’t have to fall to HR.

Approvals from anywhere

Accessible through the Paycom mobile app, Manager on-the-Go® allows anywhere, anytime completion of supervisory tasks like approving timecards, time-off requests, expense reimbursements and more.

When these duties are prevented from becoming HR’s responsibility, HR professionals have more time to devote to their own daily tasks, like developing strategic programs that drive engagement and reduce turnover.

For more on how Manager on-the-Go can make work (and life) easier for managers and HR teams alike, click here.