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HR Management software

Manage and retain employees — all in a single software


Automate processes with one HR management software

In a single software, Paycom has the HR management solutions to help ensure your processes are as efficient as possible. These tools offer the accuracy, tracking and reporting to help you comply with ever-changing laws and avoid the costs that come with manual processes and outdated technology. That’s the power of one.

Our comprehensive HRM software is designed to help you comply with ever-changing state and federal regulations. Tools include Government and Compliance, Personnel Action Forms, Documents and Checklists, Enhanced ACA and COBRA Administration.

Paycom’s HR reporting features are essential to making informed decisions, keeping company and employee data secure, and helping you maximize the ROI on your HR tech. Tools include Direct Data Exchange®, Report Center and 401(k) Reporting.

Company transparency and honest feedback are key to employee satisfaction and engagement. Tools like Ask Here and Paycom Surveys allow employees to have their questions answered and let their voices be heard.

The convenience of a single HR management system is about solving problems and simplifying the complex. Our tools like Manager on-the-Go® and Benefits Administration streamline formerly problematic processes.


Direct Data Exchange®

Maximize the ROI on your HR technology with real-time monitoring of employee usage.

Manager on-the-Go®

Allows managers to complete essential supervisory tasks through our mobile app, anytime, anywhere.

Documents and Checklists

Stay organized with a document management system that improves efficiency, security and compliance.

Global HCM™

Manage international and domestic employees with global human capital management software.

Benefits Administration

Enjoy a streamlined benefits enrollment process for you and your employees.

Enhanced ACA

Easily comply with the ever-changing complexities of the Affordable Care Act.

Ask Here

Automatically route employee questions to exactly the right person to answer them.

Report Center

Generate and review customizable or predefined reports across all workforce data in real time.

Personnel Action Forms

Enjoy a secure and efficient approval chain for employee payroll and HR changes.

Government and Compliance

Help reduce your company’s exposure to audits and penalties surrounding employment laws.


Stay clued in to employee vaccination and testing data for compliance peace of mind.

COBRA Administration

Protect your business against exposure to COBRA violations, fines and penalties.

Paycom Surveys

Get invaluable employee feedback that otherwise may go undisclosed. 

401(k) Reporting

Simplify the complex process of transferring sensitive employee data to your 401(k) provider.

Explore more tools in our single software

Explore more tools in our single software


Over 6.5 million Americans rely on Paycom’s technology every year

“We look at [Direct Data Exchange] daily. It’s really our scorecard and our road map. … So you become a very credible resource of meaningful metrics that really impact the business.”

senior vice president of human resources
professional sports franchise

HR management services for every industry

Paycom’s HR management tools bring unparalleled process efficiency and compliance for small, medium, large and enterprise businesses of all sizes and industries of all types. With tools for reporting, engagement, management and compliance, HR is streamlined so you can focus on your business’s mission.

An HR management company you can trust

Paycom makes managing HR functions easy, automating key tasks in our single secure software. Tools like Enhanced ACA, COBRA Administration, and Government and Compliance help protect you from noncompliance fines and penalties. We take every precaution to protect and secure data for you and your employees, with comprehensive security standards and technologies that are formally audited and ISO- and SOC-certified.


Get to the heart of what our HR Management software does for businesses

Yes. Without the automation adequate HR tech provides, many of the more tedious data entry tasks and processes would be unreasonably time-consuming. Additionally, manual data entry and reentry heightens the risk of inaccurate data and security blind spots, which in turn can yield potential compliance issues like audits or penalties.

And when HR tech helps ensure the flow and access of employee data, it also fuels powerful analytics, which are useful for developing more informed, high-reaching strategies and initiatives.

HR enhances the work lives of employees to help drive operations and promote organizational growth. Given this is a comprehensive effort, HR professionals have to specialize in many different functions, including:

  • time and attendance
  • reporting and analysis
  • compliance
  • and more, depending on a business’s specific needs

Spinning this many proverbial plates requires HR to be agile, which proves difficult without the support of the right tools.

The full capability of HR tech continues to evolve, but at this juncture, it excels at automating several key HR functions.

For day-to-day processes, HR management software alleviates the burden of:

  • posting job openings
  • organizing correspondence with applicants
  • verifying employment eligibility
  • onboarding
  • benefits administration
  • training and upskilling
  • tracking time and attendance
  • payroll

This is especially important, as 2023 data from Ernst & Young reveals the average estimated cost of manually confirming and processing benefit plans to be $21.18 per task. Exceptional tech will take this a step further by detailing employees’ usage of their HR tools, allowing HR and leaders to see greater ROI opportunities.

HR software also helps employers stay on top of important compliance requirements as they relate to the:

  • U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
  • Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA)
  • federal tax code

Likewise, it also instantly notifies HR of tax credit eligibility, as well as where to locate, secure and administer available credits.

If your prospective HR technology isn’t able to confidently automate these processes and help leverage your compliance, it’s likely not as comprehensive as it could be.

Paycom’s single software empowers employees to own their data, boosting its accuracy while giving HR more time to focus on more impactful, strategic endeavors. And through the power of industry-first Direct Data Exchange®, HR is able to instantly see the efficiencies gained — and the opportunities to improve — through greater employee usage.

Paycom also offers tools for managers, like award-winning Manager on-the-Go®, which gives leaders the flexibility to approve timecards, time-off requests, expenses and more while managing employee performance and development.

Paycom’s self-service tools allow employees to effortlessly onboard, train, enroll in benefits, verify payroll and track their development anytime, anywhere without HR’s direct involvement. Best of all, this data flows seamlessly across Paycom’s entire system, simplifying employees’ HR experience through just one login. In turn, this translates to lower compliance risk, strategies backed by real-time data and, ultimately, a more engaged and confident workforce.

Aptly named, HR management software facilitates the management of HR functions within an organization. HR management software reduces inefficiencies related to redundant, manual or counterproductive HR tasks through smart automation and advanced reporting. In addition, HR software allows HR professionals to manage people throughout the employee life cycle.

The capabilities of HR management software vary wildly from one solution to the next. Some only address one discipline of HR, such as recruiting or performance management, while other solutions encompass the full scope of human resources from end to end.

HR case management has a few different meanings in the context of HR. “Cases” can refer to the following:

  • Incident case management, also known as incident reporting/management, is the process by which employee issues, grievances, questions and needs are handled. This type of service becomes increasingly important when the HR cases reach a certain size and complexity level.
  • FMLA case management is the process of receiving, responding to, tracking and administering FMLA requests.
  • An E-Verify case is issued for each new hire whose I-9 documents are processed through the E-Verify system. Each new hire is assigned an E-Verify case number that must be retained with their Form I-9.

Paycom helps your organization standardize HR case management procedures so that each instance is handled with the same care, attention and resolution steps.

  • Ask Here: This tool is a customizable information center where employees can submit their questions and concerns directly to the appropriate preconfigured internal contacts. 
  • My Documents: This tool maintains official documents in each employee’s Employee Self-Service® (ESS) profile so that all information is in one source of truth, while managing securities and permissions on sensitive information.
  • Documents and Checklists: Companywide information such as procedural documents, SOPs and decision trees may be housed here.

HR compliance means ensuring work practices follow applicable laws and regulations. Effective HR management involves identifying and mitigating employer risks and helping employers stay compliant with ever-changing regulations.

HR software ideally houses all employee demographic and job-related information and allows businesses to report on impactful people data. Some HR systems are more user-friendly than others. With more complex systems, companies may require HR to receive specialized training in the use of their HR software.

The best HR management systems combine user-friendly functionality with customization. With a good HR software, you should be able to track and report on individual, company or industry-specific employment data like employee certifications, vaccinations, food allergies, education level, etc. HR management systems should also be leveraged to engage with employees via interactive processes like employee self-service, engagement surveys, assigned training and 360 performance reviews.

The benefits of implementing HR software include:

  • Transformation. The increased efficiency and enhanced capabilities of HR software helped elevate the HR function from purely administrative to truly strategic.
  • Control. HR software offers centralized control and reporting of people and job-related information, including change history and system-use reports.
  • Accessibility. The improved organization allows human resources professionals to quickly access required information for government audits or corporate due diligence.
  • Consistency. With automated processes and procedures, you can ensure your whole workforce is consistently trained, documented, etc. for compliance purposes.

For all your HR management needs in a single software, request a meeting

For all your HR management needs in a single software, request a meeting.

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