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HR management software for small businesses

Paycom puts all your HR needs in a single software so you can get more done with less.

Award-winning HR and payroll innovation

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Our small business HR software has you covered

Stop feeling overwhelmed with HR management and start feeling in control. With Paycom’s comprehensive HCM, your small business is able to streamline HR processes including hiring, managing, retaining, tracking and reimbursing employees. No matter how many hats you wear, Paycom helps you get it all done with one software.

Paycom’s Applicant Tracking tool handles all the steps, creating a seamless experience for everyone. It allows you to post your open positions on multiple platforms by creating a requisition only once. It automatically posts your job to your website, top career websites and other job boards on the date you schedule.

With Paycom, new employees complete onboarding before their start date without using paper documents so they can hit the ground running on Day 1. Since it’s a cloud-based system, all information is centralized in a single software, eliminating the need for employees to reenter data multiple times.

E-Verify® allows employers to verify their employees’ work authorization status. It also notifies the employer 90 days in advance of employees needing reverification. Once the initial entry of a candidate’s data is complete, it flows seamlessly through Paycom. Plus, store completed I-9s securely in our online personnel files.

In the same software small businesses run payroll, they can manage when, where and how employees report their hours worked with our Time and Attendance tracking software. This means less data entry, reduced time theft and easy manager approvals.

Manager on-the-Go® allows managers to perform essential tasks involving the employees they supervise through our mobile app — anywhere, anytime. It makes approving timecards, punch changes, expenses, time-off requests and more a breeze.



Get more done with one software

Instead of hopping from one software to another, Paycom’s single HCM software allows you to gather and store all employee data in one place so it is easily accessible at any time.


HR compliance made easier

With so many responsibilities on your plate, you need software that helps you confidently and efficiently comply with ever-changing laws. Paycom provides the updates, tools and reporting you need to reduce exposure.


Simplify with HR automation

Work smarter, not harder. Paycom automates core HR functions in our single software so you can focus on improving the employee experience and helping the company grow.


“There’s not a lot of no-brainers in our daily lives, but I think [Paycom] is a no-brainer."

—president, salsa company

An employee’s entire career is managed here

Paycom optimizes every stage of the employee life cycle in a single software. Before they’re even hired, they’re introduced to the Paycom experience. They apply, onboard, take training courses, enroll in benefits, do their own payroll and more. Give employees a seamless HR experience by streamlining it all in one place.



Quickly and seamlessly transition high-caliber applicants to productive contributors.

Time and Attendance

Accurately and efficiently manage when, where and how your employees report hours worked.


Employees do their own payroll with an experience that guides them to fix errors before submission. Learn more about our small business payroll software.

Benefits Administration

Enjoy a streamlined benefits enrollment process for you and your employees.


Small business HR software FAQs

Yes. Regardless of company size, there are multiple HR tasks that you need to perform to streamline your organization and manage employees. Many small businesses consider HR an unnecessary cost but don’t realize that it can easily become a problem if left unattended or in the hands of people who are not knowledgeable.

The best HR systems automate most of your HR tasks and boost productivity. Paycom is a cloud-based HR software that provides businesses of all sizes access to seamless HR management solutions and benefits.

Paycom will help you automate your HR processes, including Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, HR Management, and Time and Labor Management. It takes these mandatory tasks off your plate so you and your employees can focus on growing your small business. It is centered on employees, giving them control over their own data.

It reduces the time spent on HR tasks. It gives you data insights into employee performance and morale to help you make informed decisions. It also helps you with compliance-related needs so you don’t have to stress about Form I-9, FCRA regulations, etc.

Paycom offers a lot of control to the employees to promote healthy and trusting employer-employee relationships. It has self-driven payroll and self-reviews that employees can use to track their progress, set their performance goals and compare how they performed in the past to how they are performing now.

For all your payroll needs in a single software, choose Paycom.