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Client Action Center

Easily own your tax and banking-related requests in a single dashboard for improved visibility and confidence.


A better course of action for managing tax and banking info

Client Action Center has the data you need to make informed, accurate decisions with real-time insights into accounts. Proactive notification and in-app communication options keep you in the loop and provide a superior user experience. Whether you're at a desk or on the go, Client Action Center is accessible in our single software.

Eliminate routine tasks with:

  • electronic data sharing of tax information, bypassing the need to email or mail tax notices to Paycom
  • desktop and mobile app access to tax and banking information

Gain clarity and transparency around tax issues with:

  • better visibility into time-sensitive issues
  • insight into each step of the resolution process

Get the information and help you need with:

  • specialist contact information in the app
  • a single place to view important account communication
  • critical tax notifications consolidated in one location (stop searching your inbox!)

Streamline specialist communications by:

  • calling a specialist directly from the app
  • requesting a call from your specialist with a single click
  • no hold time (because we call you!)

Easily take action with enhanced functionality

Client Action Center allows you to perform actions involving:

Tax notices

Client Action Center's Tax Notices feature easily lets you:

  • upload notices directly to Paycom for research and resolution
  • view status updates, waiting items and action needed via desktop and mobile
  • directly respond to action items from the Tax Notice status

Wire transfers

Monitor the status of regular and drawdown wires as well as wire reception and location with:

  • real-time updates upon verification
  • instant visibility
  • unprecedented insight

Tax accounts

Determining your organization's tax health is simple with a comprehensive view of:

  • pending and missing account numbers
  • tax accounts
  • tax rates for paid family leave, disability and SUTA
  • tax profiles and any discrepancies

Your contacts

Along with quick views of wires and tax accounts, the mobile version of Client Action Center allows you to:

  • get contact information for your specialist, their team and their supervisor
  • call those contacts within the app with one click
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At this time, the Client Action Center is limited to client administrators and users with the respective permission.

Yes. By clicking the Client Action Center button in our mobile app, you have access to all tax information.

You can see pending account numbers, a complete list of tax accounts, a complete list of tax rates, power of attorney, third-party administrators and prior period adjustments.

Tax information is continuously updated. When a new account is updated by a tax specialist, it will be updated for you. The tax profile check listing on the desktop is updated and checked for discrepancies overnight.

For all your payroll needs in a single software, request a meeting

For all your payroll needs in a single software, request a meeting.

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