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Ask Here

Give employees the answers they need without managing the process


Automatically route employee questions to exactly the right person to answer them

Don’t drown in employee inquiries. With Paycom’s Ask Here tool, employees are automatically connected to exactly the right person — in HR or another department in the company — to answer each of their work-related requests.

Employees can ask questions anytime, anywhere, by logging into Paycom. Ask Here automatically routes their inquiries to the appropriate personnel companywide. All conversations are stored in one secure dashboard, while customizable templates and saved answers to FAQs streamline your process.

Sample screenshot of a question and answer on Ask Here

From one place, employees can trust quicker, thorough responses. In addition to starting an inquiry, they can track open conversations, review past ones and attach relevant documents, including photos. They easily can access Ask Here remotely, in the field, overnight or while away from a computer so they don’t have to ask HR!

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With this decrease in employees’ foot traffic, phone calls and emails to HR from every corner of your organization, Ask Here removes the middlemen for boosted response times and accountability. As a result, employees’ engagement level and trust in the employer rises.

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When Ask Here routes questions for you, you’re freed to identify gaps in policies and procedures that create employee confusion, discover training opportunities based on frequent questions and spend more time engaging with your workforce.

Ask Here is ideal for repeated questions like these

  • “When does my health insurance kick in?”
  • “Where do I report a workplace accident?”
  • “Who can I ask about my 401(k)?”
  • "Do we have a lost and found?”
  • “When is open enrollment again?”
  • “How can I contact maintenance?”


Over 6.5 million Americans rely on Paycom’s technology every year

“The biggest benefit for me after we moved over to Paycom is just not having so much email clutter.”

HR director
office technology solutions company

ASK HERE works well with

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Benefits Administration

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Now employees do their own payroll with a guided self-service experience.


Discover how Ask Here makes you more efficient

Employees can use Ask Here once their employer grants access. With permission activated, employees simply navigate to Ask Here in the Employee Self-Service® portion of our software, whether on mobile device or desktop computer.

Queries submitted through Ask Here are immediately routed to the relevant responder, based upon the client’s setup of the software. The responder receives an alert about an incoming question on their Paycom dashboard.

Our library of default templates lets each client help employees address common topics like payroll, benefits or company policies. Clients also have the ability to create customized templates to address any topic they choose.

When questions are submitted, responders immediately receive notifications. Ask Here also provides a reporting feature for tracking message response times, making it easy to identify opportunities for improvement. Additionally, the ability to mark a message as time-sensitive can be set up in Ask Here templates. 

Clients can generate, view and download reports related to Ask Here messages in its menu and in our software’s Report Center.

Of course. All of their messages are stored securely for an employee to easily access at any time.

Ask Here helps by automatically directing questions to the personnel in the organization best qualified to answer them. This frees HR from answering every question, allowing them time to focus on strategic initiatives.

For all your HR management needs in a single software, request a meeting

For all your HR management needs in a single software, request a meeting.

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