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How the Right Self-Service Software for Managers Lightens Their Workloads

If employees are the backbone of business, consider managers the heart. They hold the closest connection to your workforce while ensuring executive strategy is recognized and realized.

On top of this huge responsibility, supervisors stand as the last line of defense against turnover. In a 2022 Pollfish survey commissioned by Paycom, 50% of employees who left a job in the last two years said they would have stayed if someone from HR or management talked to them about their:

  • satisfaction
  • performance goals
  • future at the company

It’s no wonder 21% of respondents cited “poor management” as their No. 1 reason to quit, according to the same survey.

Managers can’t just fill a void — they need to proactively engage and develop their reports. In other words, supervisors can’t just manage people. They have to lead.

But can they truly help retain employees and drive business while they’re drowning in applications, time-off requests and meticulous scheduling?

Without the right tool, absolutely not. These tasks are important, sure, but they double as roadblocks when they keep supervisors from doing what they do best. Luckily, this obstacle isn’t inevitable.

Manager self-service software like Paycom’s Manager on-the-Go® simplifies the tedious aspects of your supervisors’ roles. That frees them to focus on forward-thinking priorities, including:

  • employee development
  • C-suite vision and strategy
  • recruitment and retention
  • compliance

Here are just five ways Manager on-the-Go pulls supervisors out of time-consuming tasks so they can truly lead.

1. Time-off requests

With traditional management software, supervisors must manually approve or deny every time-off request. If that weren’t enough, they also have to ensure schedules still have the appropriate amount of coverage.

But if the time management system is separate from your payroll software and the tech that stores employee time-off balances, it leaves managers to make these adjustments themselves. At best, the time-consuming ordeal keeps them from value-adding work. At worst, it creates a process ripe for costly and compliance-breaking errors.

Manager on-the-Go makes it easy for supervisors to approve PTO and time-off requests anywhere, anytime. The tool also automatically notifies employees once a decision is made, so managers don’t have to. Should a request require further consideration, our manager self-service software gives your leaders access to an easy-to-view time-off calendar for more informed choices.

2. Scheduling

Ah, schedules. While necessary for basic organization, they can spur headaches (or nightmares) for managers stuck with an outdated experience. One wrong move can leave businesses with too few employees — or no coverage at all — at the most inconvenient time.

Manager on-the-Go helps your supervisors leap this pitfall by allowing them to quickly and easily:

  • view schedules by day or employee
  • edit and reassign shifts
  • approve shift exchanges
  • add or modify time punches
  • contact employees by call, text or email

From their smartphone, your supervisors can complete any of these tasks whether away from their desk, in the field, on the sales floor or out and about.

Simplicity doesn’t come at the cost of control, either. Our manager self-service software doesn’t prohibit leaders from overriding the schedule as needed, such as in the face of an emergency. After all, scheduling is a routine part of management — but inconvenience shouldn’t be.

3. Expense reimbursement

Industry-leading teams move fast. Whether your people close huge deals at conferences or celebrate big wins at a year-end party, managers have to wade through the expense requests.

Fortunately, your supervisors don’t have to be accounting experts to review and approve employee expenses. Manager on-the-Go allows them to handle expenses and expense reports — individually or as a group — for easy reimbursement within Paycom’s easy-to-use mobile app.

Adding receipt requests, editing expenses and sending reminders to employees are equally a breeze, thanks to Paycom’s streamlined interface.

4. Applicant tracking

What’s just as important as maintaining your team? Growing it. But without a tool like Manager on-the-Go, the hiring process is more manual than it needs to be. Considering all of their other duties, it’s not a stretch to assume that some — or several — applicants could fall through the cracks.

Agility is everything in recruiting. In fact, 70% of prospective employees lose interest in a job if they haven’t heard back within one week after their first interview, according to Addison Group, a staffing and research firm.

Manager on-the-Go simplifies the hiring process from job posting to onboarding. It lets supervisors easily:

  • view applications assigned to their workflow
  • leave interview feedback and other notes
  • move candidates to the next phase of the hiring process
  • communicate with applicants by text or email

Leaders even can notify recruiters about high-value prospects right from Paycom’s mobile app. After all, why shouldn’t managers be able to lead effectively and expand their team?

5. Routing employee questions

When employees go unheard, it shatters the loyalty leaders carefully build with them. Again, 50% of employees said one conversation with their manager could’ve kept them from leaving.

Yes, managers are busy. But they’ll be even busier trying to cover for employees who don’t trust them … or left outright.

Don’t let your organization contribute to attrition. Manager on-the-Go’s streamlined dashboard for employee questions gives leaders instant insight into open, unread and closed inquiries. Your supervisors can respond right in the app — and employees will get their response right away.

What are the long-term benefits of self-service software?

Tech like Manager on-the-Go creates a better experience for leaders and their employees alike.

It frees managers from the restraints of their desk. Instead of losing time to daunting requests that piled up in their absence, supervisors quickly can cut through the clutter to focus on the parts of their job that matter most, like:

  • engagement
  • development
  • organizational goals
  • executive strategy
  • and more

Because the tool makes it easy for managers to knock out their administrative duties as they arise, your HR and payroll pros don’t have to track them down for rushed, last-minute approvals.

And on that subject, Manager on-the-Go helps eliminate the waiting period that keeps employees in the dark. Since their supervisors can approve requests 24/7 no matter where they are, employees get the answers they need fast. In this way, Manager on-the-Go promotes a culture of trust and transparency.

Explore Manager on-the-Go to see how it fosters retention and transforms supervisors into leaders.


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