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The most comprehensive enterprise business HR software

Paycom’s single HRIS software provides seamless HR management solutions and benefits to enterprise businesses.

Award-winning HR and payroll innovation

G2 Enterprise Leader Americas (2024)
Capterra Shortlist (2023)
Software Advice Front Runners (2023)


HR features enterprise businesses need to succeed

From simple to complex, enterprise businesses have an infinite range of needs. Paycom’s HR software was designed with flexibility, growth, change and consistency in mind.

Paycom’s Applicant Tracking tool supports a seamless and equitable recruiting process. Easily post jobs across multiple platforms, including your company’s website; organize and schedule candidates through the interview process; and record and access feedback.

Paycom delivers a positive onboarding experience that helps new hires hit the ground running on Day 1. They’re able to track their progress, gain an understanding of their responsibilities and access all necessary resources in our single software.

Ensure fast and secure employee verification and keep accurate records with our E-Verify® software. Paycom sends reminders when verifications are due to expire to help you stay compliant.

Paycom’s Performance Management tool offers review options like self-reviews, manager reviews and 360 reviews. It allows employees to set their own goals, track their progress, and access and compare past and current reviews.

Paycom Surveys allows organizations to ask customizable questions, track responses and create effective reports based on employee responses. Responses can be kept confidential so employees feel empowered to provide the honest feedback you need to make changes and improve their experience.


Our Government and Compliance software accommodates state and federal regulations. Create documents and reports based on requirements and set up necessary tax and payroll rules in accordance with the law.


Offering a range of benefits helps you attract, retain and motivate your workforce. Paycom’s Benefits Administration tool simplifies the process. Once benefit plans are set up in the system, open enrollment is completely facilitated electronically. That means no more back and forth with multiple systems or paper processes.


With Global HCM™, companies with international operations are able to manage employees across 180+ countries in nearly 20 languages — all in our single software. Our payroll continues to expand its reach, with services available in Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom.


The Biggest Advantages of Our HR Software

Simplified compliance management

Paycom stays current on taxes, laws and regulations to help you manage your complex compliance needs.


Future-minded planning and reporting

Our reporting features and centralized data give you a better understanding of your workforce and what they need to achieve their goals.


Automated processes

Automating HR processes with Paycom frees up time to focus on workforce management and engagement.


“Paycom helps us bring value to the C-suite by quickly providing and interpreting important information. It helps us understand everything we need to make life easier for employees.”

—CHRO, education nonprofit

Manage employees’ entire careers in one software

From hiring and onboarding to retiring and offboarding — and everything in between — Paycom optimizes every stage of the employee experience in one place. Watch the video to see how seamless it can be.



Employees do their own payroll with an experience that guides them to fix errors before submission. Learn more about our enterprise business payroll software.

Position Management

Efficiently manage your workforce, staffing needs and organizational structure.

Paycom Learning

Easily and consistently train your employees as you engage them with ongoing development.

Personnel Action Forms

Easily document and approve role changes with a secure and efficient approval chain.

Performance Management

Consistently and efficiently complete employee assessments with flexible functionality.


Enterprise Business HR Software FAQs

Yes. In enterprise businesses, people’s work becomes more specialized. Your teams may be going from a department of one to departments of several, or even several teams in one department. This additional complexity requires better documentation and clearer archives to track these changes through the life cycle of your employees and maintain clear expectations.

You also need to do more planning for the future. With the addition of more people and a forward-thinking plan, having all employees’ data housed in a single HR system will give you easier insight into your needs, the costs of talent, department workloads and more.

The best HR system is one that enables you to scale your HR functions and support your business through stabilization and beyond. Paycom is a cloud-based HR software that provides businesses of all sizes access to seamless HR management solutions and benefits.

Paycom will help you automate your HR processes, including talent acquisition and management, HR management, and time and labor management. It will help you perform mandatory HR tasks efficiently so you and your employees can devote more time to the growth of your enterprise business. It also improves accuracy, provides detailed reporting and assists in compliance. It is centered on employees, which gives them control over their performance and time tracking.

HR software reduces the time spent on HR tasks. It gives you detailed data to make informed decisions and insights into an employee’s performance. It also lets you collect feedback from employees to get meaningful information about what’s happening with your business. Additionally, you can put in place policies and documentation practices that will scale with your business and allow for productive and sustainable growth.

Paycom’s architecture gives employees more transparency and promotes positive and productive employer-employee relationships. This includes giving them unprecedented access to their paycheck before payday, self-reviews, performance goal setting and progress tracking, dynamic documents library, transparent benefits and more.

Enterprise HR systems support businesses in all their HR practices and data needs. They gather information, documents, data and processes from the entire employee life cycle in one place. The goal of these systems is to ensure that every person, even in complex or massive organizations, is supported and understands how to find important information related to their employment. They also help organizations effectively run reports and analyze crucial information such as productivity, payroll costs, benefits utilization, employee satisfaction and more.

Enterprise HR systems work by housing all employee life cycle processes and data in one digital architecture. From the administrator’s perspective, processes and reports are automated and connected systemwide. From the employee perspective, all questions, needs and information related to their employment is at their fingertips.

HR systems can improve the employee experience, make processes more efficient and cost-effective, and protect them from risks. They are significant because they connect all data points in the HR function in one system, keep accurate records, and allow for processes to be standardized and transparent.

  • Ease of use

It’s imperative to find a system that is user-friendly and accessible to your employees, managers and leaders alike. Selecting a system that requires a high level of IT knowledge is counter-productive and could lead to low levels of adoption, frustration among employees, confusion and more. Paycom was designed with the employee in mind with software that’s intuitive and easy to use.

  • A truly single software

It is important to choose a system that can handle all your HR and payroll needs in a single software. When selecting an HR system, write out everything the system will need to do (or may need to do in the future!) to fully support the organization. Then research systems that can do all those things in one software without the need for integrating additional apps. This will allow your team to have a truly single sign-on experience to access all their data.

  • Software you can trust

Choose a system that is well-respected and established in the industry. Changing HRIS systems is a massive undertaking, especially for enterprise businesses. Doing it once takes time, resources and energy and causes disruption. Doing it a second time can negatively affect the employee experience and the trusting and positive relationship that employers work so hard to create. Choose a system that has longevity and will not quit on you. Paycom is well established with thousands of clients that range in size, complexity and business needs.

The needs of organizations are likely to change over time, even for established enterprise businesses. It is advisable to choose HR systems that not only meet your current needs but scale with you as you grow. The HR system should be customizable and allow your organization to add additional functionality as needed. Paycom offers a wide variety of tools and customization capabilities to support your business goals.

For all your payroll needs in a single software, choose Paycom.