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Enterprise payroll software for simplified workforce management

Confidently execute all your payroll complexities with employee-engaging software that boosts the bottom line

Over 1 million 5-star ratings of the Paycom app


Enterprise payroll features and benefits to streamline the process

Paycom’s cloud-based enterprise payroll software provides your team with real-time payroll and workforce data to help you make crucial business decisions with confidence. Our easy-to-use mobile app and transparent payroll process prioritize the employee experience to help you engage and retain valued team members.

Paycom’s comprehensive enterprise payroll software automates the process, empowers employees to ensure accuracy and manages pay data and payments across multiple locations, divisions and EINs.

Employees upload photos of receipts to our self-service app for automatic data parsing. Expense reports generate instantly for approval before the reimbursement autopopulates in the next payroll cycle.

Paycom accurately manages, pays and files tax returns on your behalf for employee work locations in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, the United Kingdom and Ireland. Whether municipal or federal, employee tax returns are a complexity we have under control.

Streamline job and pay information changes with Personnel Action Forms (PAFs). Provide clear audit trails and support pay equity by mapping changes to the position, not the person. PAFs can also be used to record changes in a role’s compensation, schedule, job duties, status and other job-related information.

In our single software, new hire, open enrollments and qualifying events are requested, approved and instantly updated in payroll. You could also add the ability to share directly with benefits carriers via pretested feeds.


Our Benefits Administration tools accommodate your enterprise’s different benefit types, eligibility criteria, employment classes and waiting periods. Our app allows employees to request qualifying life-event changes and view their deductions and employer contributions anytime, anywhere.


HR teams are bombarded with employee questions for everything from benefits to PTO accruals. Paycom automatically connects employees to exactly the right person to answer each of their work-related requests. Faster response times result in greater engagement, retention and employer trust.



Automate tasks, elevate payroll

Our enterprise payroll software offers robust automation capabilities, including ready-to-run reports, preexisting and custom workflows, system alerts, email communication and e-signature templates, and team-member reminders. Customize your automated settings and features to meet your specific needs.


Safeguard your brand with accurate payroll

Paycom’s enterprise payroll services help your team instill employee confidence in your processes. Our employee-driven payroll experience helps eliminate errors. Paying your people accurately and on time every time boosts morale and increases retention.


Support fair, consistent practices

Paycom’s position-based settings and approvals make it easy to apply the same treatment to employees who perform the same work. Leverage consistent processes to support your compliance strategy and foster a positive work culture.


Employees ensure accurate payroll with Beti

Beti® is a world-class payroll experience that engages and empowers employees to do their own payroll. It identifies errors and guides employees to fix them prior to submission. This first-of-its-kind innovation brings unparalleled payroll accuracy that boosts the bottom line.

Expense Management

Expense Management

Accurately and efficiently manage the reimbursement process, from submission to reporting.

Payroll Tax Management

Payroll Tax Management

Limit your payroll tax liability and alleviate your burden through automatic tax calculation based on employee wages.

Position Management

Position Management

Efficiently and consistently manage your workforce, staffing needs and organizational structure.

Award-winning HR and payroll innovation

FastCompany Most Innovative Companies 2022
Human Resource Executive: Top HR Product 2021 Winner
Software Advice Front Runners 2021
Newsweek's Most Trustworthy Companies in America 2023

A leader in employee data security

With a Tier IV data center, Paycom’s security controls support your enterprise’s information privacy and security compliance with:

  • next-generation firewalls and 256-bit encryption technology
  • built-in and customizable role-based access levels
  • secure user logins, including multifactor authentication (MFA)
  • IP address restriction option for PC and mobile access
  • our commitment to cybersecurity best practices including regular required training for employees

See why we’re the best payroll software for enterprise companies

For this fast-growing electrical equipment retailer, payroll inaccuracy and inefficiency grew right along with them. See how Paycom’s comprehensive HR and payroll software wired them for success.

“Beti has given us so much time and energy to focus on other things.”

—payroll manager


Learn how Paycom helps enterprises succeed

Enterprise businesses support thousands of employees and often have complex processes and multiple levels of approvals. Your HR and payroll functions may be highly specialized, but your teams also need to focus on strategic initiatives. This only works with the right tools and systems in place. HR and payroll teams need automated tasks, provisioning, alerts, checklists, reminders, announcements and reports. You also need to be able to perform bulk actions to update many employees, locations or jobs all at once. Your payroll should include checks and balances to flag inconsistent or missing information and avoid costly errors or omissions. Paycom has you covered. Our online payroll software for enterprise businesses has everything you need to build and elevate your company’s payroll functions.

Paycom takes care of the heavy lifting by letting you mass update fields across multiple information categories, including:

  • Accrual Management
  • Affordable Care Act
  • Base Pay
  • Benefits Administration
  • Checklist Management
  • Custom Fields
  • Deductions
  • Document Management
  • Earnings
  • Employee Dates

Paycom’s customizable mass emails keep job applicants informed throughout the application and hiring process. Specific messages can be tied to hiring workflow stages such as “not hired” or “interview.” Schedule tailored messages like important open enrollment emails and performance review reminders. Employee notifications are customizable and sent automatically.

Paycom allows you to make several types of batch changes during the actual payroll run, such as:

  • adding an additional check to employees at the same time
  • batch editing checks with the following actions:
    • No paycheck
    • Override direct deposit and distributions
    • Disable auto-decrement
    • Tax frequency override
  • batch adding the same earning and amount to several employees
  • sending approval notifications

When choosing HR and payroll software, executives should take a comprehensive view of their organization’s tools and systems to identify pain points or gaps in functionality. For example, enterprise resource planning (ERP) may not offer sufficient HR and payroll capabilities. Alternately, a company may prioritize the applicant and employee experience in order to improve recruitment and retention. To learn how Paycom complements your enterprise’s operations, schedule a demo.

Paycom uses 256-bit encryption technology to protect employee data both at rest and in transit. The company employs the latest technology on endpoints, servers and perimeter, as well as next-generation firewalls to protect its software and networks. A 24/7/365 security command center uses monitored detection and response (MDR) to catch and address unauthorized access attempts or suspicious web traffic. Paycom’s cybersecurity framework also includes redundant infrastructure with fail-over capabilities. We also train our entire workforce on cybersecurity awareness monthly and perform weekly penetration testing.

Paycom’s built-in general ledger software, GL Concierge, allows users to generate and export GL reports from Paycom into their accounting software. Custom reports are designed to perfectly map to any file layout, ensuring seamless importing of payroll journal and cash requirement data.

If your system requires and incentivizes regular employee access and data review, they will become more comfortable navigating the system and will be more familiar with other system resources and tools. Paycom leverages Beti to drive adoption of other Paycom tools. As employees get familiar with completing payroll tasks and approving their own checks, they learn what factors affect their pay, like missing punches, expenses, PTO approval, etc. This encourages employees to explore other Paycom features to ensure their pay is accurate. By logging into Paycom regularly, employees will be more likely to notice and complete everything else in the app, such as engagement surveys and policy acknowledgements. The result is more accurate data and record-keeping, as well as full ROI on your HR and payroll technology.

Paycom assigns you a dedicated account manager and team, ensuring a close relationship with system administrators. This team understands your unique business needs and challenges and is familiar with your support request history. By consistently connecting with the same small team of support professionals, you receive the most personalized support. U.S.-based support representatives work in your time zone and are highly responsive and knowledgeable.

For all your payroll needs in a single software, choose Paycom.