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The Benefits of a Paycom Career

Our benefits

A holistic approach

Everything about Paycom is centered on employee empowerment, and that includes our success. We support our employees personally and professionally, and you can see it in the holistic package of Paycom employee benefits. Here are just a few of the offerings that are part of the employee experience at our award-winning workplace.


The wellness of every team member is a priority

Paycom’s benefits offerings make it easier for our employees and their families to manage their health and live life to the fullest.

Paycom employees enjoy affordable health insurance for just $1 per pay period. This ensures you have access to quality health care without breaking the bank. We also offer plans with great coverage for family members!

Low-cost, comprehensive vision and dental coverage helps you stay on top of routine check-ups, glasses and cleanings. It’s easy to make sure you see (and are seen) at your best!

Enjoy peace of mind with basic life insurance and accidental death or injury coverage.

Affordable coverage makes it easy to cover common veterinary expenses. Find the vet of your choice and help your furry family members receive the care they need.

stock and savings

Benefits to help secure your financial future


Build a strong career and a solid future with our 401(k) plans with generous matching.

Employee stock purchase plan

Become a participant in Paycom’s growth by purchasing company stock at a discounted price.

Support for family and loves ones

Because life happens away from the office

Family care

Connect to services assisting with life events like pregnancy, adoption, surrogacy, postpartum, early pediatrics and return to work.

Paid vacation, holidays and sick leave

Accrue paid time off, sick days and even time off for bereavement of friends, families and pets.


$4 catered lunches

Local eateries cater discounted lunches each day to our Oklahoma City and Grapevine campuses for an easy, payroll-deducted $4!

Corporate discounts

Use exclusive discounts to local and national stores, cafes, amusement parks, websites and more!

Free access to our on-campus fitness center

Use our fully equipped gym with state-of-the-art facilities at our Oklahoma City and Grapevine campuses!

Employee testimonials

We asked our employees about their favorite perks and benefits. Hear what they have to say!

“The free on-campus gym. I love playing basketball, and I have met so many people from playing before work, during lunch, after work and even in the Paycom basketball league. It’s incredible that my workplace has brought so much fun into my life.”

Jake S. (he/him)
New Client Specialist

“$1 insurance rocks! Also, the pet insurance is a great addition. However, Paycom has so many perks, it’s really hard to choose one but nothing beats walking downstairs and getting a fountain drink whenever you want.”

Reagan A. (she/her)
Associate Product Manager

“Pet bereavement! This is something that is unheard of with many companies. I was honestly surprised that Paycom offers it for its employees.”

Yadira Q. (she/her)
Benefits EDI Production Specialist

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Bring your whole self to work

Whether you’re in the office or out in the world living your best life, your physical and mental health should be a priority. To support the wellness of our employees, we offer:

  • access to mental and financial wellness tools
  • soundproof privacy booths for virtual appointments
  • in-house well-being advisors and on-site interfaith spaces
  • on-site exercise facilities at our Oklahoma City and Grapevine offices
  • group wellness activities
  • weekly guided meditation sessions
  • employee resource groups to help build communities within our workforce
  • green spaces
  • and more

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