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Helping clients do even more

Paycom’s success and the success of our clients go hand in hand. As we transform the landscape of HR tech, we’re also redefining best practices for customer service. At the forefront of this effort is our Client Setup and Services team, a group of multitaskers, problem-solvers and service-oriented professionals who go above and beyond to ensure each client is set for HR success. Click on any of the job titles below to learn more about the positions in our Client Setup and Services team. To read related Client Setup and Services blogs, click here.

Our training

Our clients look to Paycom’s Client Setup and Services team for subject matter expertise and expert guidance. Each team member receives the comprehensive training needed to have the right answer.

If you join us, you can expect mentorship from the seasoned pros who built their Paycom expertise one lesson at a time and are ready to help you make the same successful journey.

We’ll set you up for success, so you can help our clients succeed, too.

employee in yellow sweater training at desktop computer

As the face of Paycom’s customer satisfaction efforts, our Client Success Specialists (also called Paycom Specialists) ensure payroll accuracy by applying grit and superior product knowledge as data compliance resources and expert troubleshooters who train both clients and co-workers on Paycom best practices

Does your resume include client-facing positions where customer service and problem-solving were a big part of your duties? Have you been a part of a high-volume professional contact center? If so, you may find yourself suited to succeed as a Client Success Specialist.

Take the first step toward a career as a Paycom Specialist and apply now.

male employee in suit with paperwork talks with female client

Change can be challenging, but with our Client Onboarding Specialists (also called New Client Specialists), companies transitioning to Paycom have nothing to fear. These flexible, detail-oriented multitaskers help clients smoothly implement the Paycom software in their organization.

If your work history includes direct customer interaction, training or project management skills, Client Onboarding may be a position where you can really make a difference.

Take the first step toward a career as a New Client Specialist and apply now.

employee smiling and talking on headset while working on computer

Employer Services Specialists are the pros who help clients implement Paycom’s HR technology, set up benefits products and support their ongoing compliance needs. When organizations feel the smooth efficiency of world-class HR tech, it’s because our Employer Services team (also called Human Capital Management) is on the job.

Do you have a background in customer service, technical support or training? If you’d like to become a Paycom best-practices expert and help our clients achieve true HR efficiency, Employer Services may be your next stop. Ready to take the first step toward a new career as a benefits coordinator, garnishment specialist and more? Apply now.

employee smiling and talking on headset while working on computer

Paycom’s Tax Filing Specialists (also known as Tax Specialists) work year-round to ensure our clients’ tax needs are never missed. Through the exacting work of these detail-oriented professionals, our clients are confident that their filings and payments will be accurate and on time. The team members in our tax department work behind the scenes to research issues and develop solutions that help them provide timely and precise execution for our clients.

Are you a driven, detail-oriented problem-solver who’s ready to pitch in and assist a like-minded team as they tackle time-sensitive projects for our clients? If your resume includes data entry or research-focused, multitasking activities, our Tax department may be the right place for you.

Take the first step toward a career as a Tax Specialist and apply now.

tax professional researching on computer

Helping new clients implement Paycom’s software and experience all the benefits this industry-leading HR tech has to offer truly is a team effort, and guiding that team is the Transition Project Manager, also known as the Transition Specialist Representative. Part team leader, part troubleshooter and part scheduling wizard, our Transition Project Managers communicate the transition process to our clients while they bring together the diverse group of individuals that facilitate their Paycom implementation.

Take the first step toward a career as a Transition Project Manager and apply now.

business professional working on laptop with cup of coffee

“Paycom has the best culture I have ever been a part of. This company truly takes care of its people. I am proud to stand behind Paycom and will continue to rave about working for an incredible company that I hope to retire with one day. Paycom is it for me. Paycom is my career and home.”

—Eric C. | Transition Specialist Representative

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